Why DMS?


DMS has a proprietary and efficient way to lower costs, add transparency to the payments process and make payments more fair for everyone.

Our Services – Powered by NAB & EPX

DMS – Merchant services company that understands and is fully focused on the automotive industry.

  1. We know Automotive and what it takes to implement the program in full compliance.
  2. Train employees to make sure it is a simple transition. Train, Train & Train.
  3. Install and integrate terminals.
  4. Customize launch plan to your dealership in service and F&I.
  5. Create custom Signage.
  6. Help integrate with accounting department.

NAB has been simplifying payments since 1992. Making it easy for merchants to accept any payment type in-store, over the phone, online, or on the go. Plus, Award-winning, Customer Care Department, Available Day or Night, 24/7/365.

EPX – Electronic Payment Exchange

A fully intergrated payment solution. EPX serves as a gateway, processor, acquirer, backend service partner all across the globe. EPX leverages their revolutionary Cardholder Data Protection System (BuyerWall TM), increased processing speeds, and centralized reporting to position themselves as a customer-focused, secure and cost-efficient payment processor.

Why it so expensive to process credit card payments?

  1. Rewards points
  2. Cash Back Rewards
  3. Special Discounts

Are you paying for your customers’ rewards? If you are still paying for processing US Businesses pay almost 2% interchange fees to the big banks:

  • Plus fees on Card Brands (VISA & MC).
  • A per item fee.
  • Misc. Fees (Monthly, Annual, Hidden fees)

Why should cash paying customers be charged so that credit card users get extra benefits?

Now is the best time to implement this strategy because now more than ever people understand that businesses are doing everything they can to survive. By covering the expenses of these costs – it goes straight to the processor. The businesses legally prohibited from profiting from these fees and they must handled by a third party.

Its important to note that interchange will only continue to go up! Make these changes now.

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