Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.
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Dealer Merchant Services allows dealers to take advantage of the recent federal law changes to greatly diminish their expenses with credit card processing fees. Typically between 75% – 95%. Oftentimes saving dealers well over $100,000 per year in fees.
How is it possible?
Our proprietary model is a hybrid processing model that allows dealers to successfully implement this program.
What is the implementation process?
You will receive new terminals and we will activate them. We will help train, implement and support you through the entire process to allow for a seamless transition and a great customer experience. It is not required that you have software integration to begin working with DMS.

Please note: the processor must be at an “arm’s length” from the business to be compliant and cannot profit in any way from this price increase.
How will my customers react?
Customer experience is our top priority! Our training provides best practices and how to present this new policy to your customers with minimal disruption.

Our research has found that within the first 30 days 3-5% of customers will inquire about this new policy change and it will diminish to close to around 1% after 90 days. With our tested word track and training we will keep customers happy!
How does it work?
We provide signage to inform your customer of this new policy. All advertised prices will now be cash prices and non-cash payments may have a non-cash price increase applied. You will receive new terminals pre-programed with the percentage amount set by the business owner.

Dealer Merchant Services

We have a proprietary solution to help dealers save up to 75% of their credit card processing fees without disrupting CSI