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Meet Amberly Allen

Amberly Allen is the Founder/Managing Partner of Dealer Merchant Services and President of DI Marketing.   Over the past 18 years she has worked with the very best in the automotive industry.  

She started working in the automotive industry when she was 23. She has been recognized with many awards including but not limited to the INC 5000 2x, Top 40 or 40, Stevie Award winner for best entrepreneur, and Ernst and Young Winning Woman finalist. Over the past 18 years, she has worked with some of the best dealers in the country. 

Her two auto-centric businesses, DI Marketing, Inc and Dealer Merchant Services, have been nationally recognized for their fast growth. Her tenure, hard work, and innovation have allowed her to become among the most respected women in automotive.



Meet The Disruptors: Amberly Allen Of Dealer Merchant Services On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry
An Interview With Fotis Georgiadis
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Christian Lund and Amberly Allen Interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis
Provided by Candice Georgiadis
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How Amberly Allen tapped a new way to recoup lost revenue.

The Dealer Playbook

Amberly Allen: Save 75% On Dealership Credit Card Processing Fees

Make The Connection

With Melanie Borden, Episode 7: Make the Connection by Disrupting Your Industry
Amberly Allen of DMS Discusses How Dealerships can Recoup CC Processing Fees from Customers Legally

Unstoppable with Corina Burton

Amberly Allen, Helping Automotive Dealers Maximize Income and Profitability

Opportunity and execution

With Scott Joseph Move. Crush. Count. MCC 026: How to Recognize New Profit Opportunities


Live at Driving Executive Summit

Podcast by the Car Guy Coffee with Amberly Allen and Laura Mellencamp at the Driving Executive Summit in Las Vegas.

"It's our intention to educate the dealer body .. and save them (dealer) over $50 million in the next five years", Amberly Allen, Managing Partner of Dealer Merchant Services

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Dealer Merchant Services

We have a proprietary solution to help dealers save up to 75% of their credit card processing fees without disrupting CSI
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