Save Thousands Per Month on 1 of Your Top 10 Expenses

In these current market conditions – the way that people pay for EVERYTHING is changing at a rapid pace.

For 40-50 years VISA and Mastercard wouldn’t allow you to charge a customer any differently if they used their credit card. But starting in 2010, the Dodd Frank Act spearheaded this change by regulating debit card costs. In 2017 a Supreme Court case determined that businesses have a first amendment right to communicate to their customers if they use a different form of payment they could save money. This was confirmed in a 2018 a class action lawsuit, that resulted in a $6.4 Billion settlement.
Bottom line these laws have changed!

Even, if YOU have never sent money via money via Venmo and Cash App- your customers have. Did you know there are nearly 120 million users on those two platforms alone. Their policy - 3% additional if they use their credit card and no additional fee if they use their bank account.

Have you heard of Cash Discount and Surcharge? Are you confused about the difference? How will this affect your bottom line?

Benefits: These law changes are great for businesses across the country, especially dealerships,  and their bottom line profitability  – BUT they must proceed with caution because there are very specific compliance regulations that must be followed. 


Obstacles: The biggest obstacle to implementing this strategy at your dealership is what we call the Perceived Problem vs the Actual Problem.  How will your customers react?  Some dealers think the customer pushback will be HUGE, but we’ve found that less than 1% of your customers will even ask about the new policy.


How we help:

This is NOT a DIY project.  After years of research, when rolled out correctly in all departments - the dealer body could benefit in a huge way.  The keystone to a successful roll out is training and implementation.  Dealer Merchant Services will help you to stay compliant AND mitigate any CSI issues.  We will walk you through best practices with our Dealer Merchant Services University that certifies all relevant and customer facing employees and on-site install.


Who we are: 

An executive team led by Automotive experts with over 75 years combined experience in the business.  We only deal with dealerships and we understand the complexities of the vertical.   We have dealerships all over the county that have adopted this strategy with great success.  Our propriety process and technology backed by a US Patent has been reversed engineered for a successful and smooth implementation. 

Have you heard of Cash Discount and Surcharge? Are you confused about the difference?  How will be this affect your bottom line?


Join us in our upcoming webinar to discuss the hottest topic in your 20 Group!


4 topics to discuss:

  • Create awareness about Credit Card Processing expenses and the hidden fees in your statements
  • Educate on legal & compliance requirements
  • Review 2 different types of program and the pros and cons of each
  • Best practice for customer experience



Our goal is to save the dealer body over $50 Million in the next 3 years.  We will help you choose a partner and a program that will navigate you thru this and put that money to better use in your store.  Join us or reach out today for a free savings analysis. 




Amberly Allen is Managing Partner of Dealer Merchant Services and President of DI Marketing.  

In 2005, she started DI Marketing,  which quickly became one of the fastest growing businesses in the country.   She has received numerous awards including the INC 5000 – 2X, Top 40 under 40 and Ernst & Young Winning Women finalist.  During her time with the decision makers, maximizing profitability was always the most important topic.  DMS is the fastest growing credit card processing company in automotive and her mission is to educate dealer on the legal changes and save them $50 Million+ by 2025.

Dealer Merchant Services

We have a proprietary solution to help dealers save up to 75% of their credit card processing fees without disrupting CSI